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10 Things We Can Do In Torquay (UK)

Christmas Eve on Union Street Torquay UK
Christmas Eve on Union Street – Torquay (UK)

Torquay (Torr-key) is a town known to be part of the English Riviera in the southwest coast of England. Its famous for the sandy beaches and sunny skies when in season.

This place has been famous since long time ago attracting travelers from all around the world.

And here, in Torquay, it’s where I met Consuelo for the first time! So, it’s ‘our’ hometown, hahaha. 🙂

Click HERE to watch a video of Torquay from back in 1968. The streets still looks pretty much like what you see in the video. The only thing that has changed was probably the people’s choice of fashion.

It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting on a short or a long stay, you would surely have a wonderful experience!

Here’s what you could do when visiting Torquay…

Sea Fishing

In Torquay, there are so many fishing spots from the beaches, off the piers and the harbor walls. Harris loves to fish there because of the location, close to the main street, easy access and it has a nice view.

The Princess Pier can be easily accessed on foot from the Princess Theater which is an open public footpath. Target fish species in this area would be anything from Seabass, Mackerel, Pollock, Wrasse, Mullet and many more.

Also in the warmer seasons, you could see many kids going crab-fishing by the marina. Crabbing kits and bait can be bought at the local gift shops and its not very expensive.

Frozen and fresh baits are available at the fishing shop next to the Living Coast. Click HERE for more information on fishing in Torquay

For you who don’t have any fishing gear but want to go fishing, you can try the mackerel boat fishing charters in front of the Princess Theater.

Their boat usually fits 10 persons on a trip but better call for a booking as some days they’re closed. Just search in Google for “Mackerel Fishing Torquay” as there are a few operators in Torbay.


After dark, this town comes alive with the younger crowd lining up outside the pubs and clubs along the streets of Torquay. Party starts around 9pm till 2-3am and taxis are always in service to ferry the party-goers home.

Some of the good ones we would recommend are the Rock Garden, Soho & Yates for the younger crowd and Green Ginger, Hole In The Wall, O’Donnells Seamus for the more matured crowd.


The main street of Torquay have lots to see and its always busy regardless of season. Some of the major retailers includes H&M, Primark, New Look, Wilko, Boots, Superdrug, WH Smith, Tesco, Peacocks and many more to mention.

Want to grab a bite? There are plenty of eateries on the main street from McDonalds, Subway, Costa, Brody’s Breakfast Bar, Wetherspoons, Revolutions and too many to mention.

Picnic & Swimming

I would recommend picnicking on warmer days in Spring and Summer. When in season, there are a lot of tourist both local and foreign would be spending time on the beach here in Torquay. They even have colorful beach-huts for rent by the local council. Bring out your picnic basket and put your sunglasses on. Watch out for seagulls, they love your food!

One of Consuelo’s favorite spot for a picnic out on the beach would be the one behind Living Coasts, known as Beacon Cove. Its more secluded, away from busy traffic and usually have clear blue waters on a good day.

Ferry Rides (Torquay – Brixham)

Another way to see the coast of Torbay (Tor-bay) would be by cruising on a ferry ride between Torquay and Brixham.

Western Lady Ferry Services

Its inexpensive £3.50/return and could be a lot of fun on a sunny day. The captain usually gives a voice-guided tour by using the annunciation system on-board.

Do check for the ferry’s timetable by clicking HERE. Please note that ferries would be CLOSED IN WINTER between November to April every year.

Living Coast

Who would have ever expected to see live penguins in Torquay? Visit Living Coast Zoo & Aquarium, one of the main attractions of Torquay.

Penguins Crossing in Living Coast, Torquay

Admission Ticket Prices would be : Adult – £12.40
Child – £9.35
Senior citizen (60+) – £10.55
Student – £10.55
or click HERE to check on their website for latest events.

Coastal Path Walks

Anyone who loves nature should go for a stroll on the Coastal Path walks. You could walk the coast from Brixham to Shaldon if you want. There are lots of beaches and great view-points hiking north or south.

Click HERE for a map of the Coastal Path around Torquay.

For the avid rock climbers, there are lots of #5 to #8 crags on the way up north between Torquay and Babbacombe. I did some climbing with friends before, the view was awesome! Click HERE for more info on the crags.

Babbacombe Model Village

Torquay has been famous for the miniature model village for a long time. If you were visit this town, make it a point to swing by this awesome place. Trust me, even the grown-ups are going to have a great time here!

Do note that opening times vary by the season, so click HERE to check on their operation hours.

Cockington Village

I know, the name is somewhat awkward, but this place is amazing, especially in Spring and Summer or on warmer days. It has a very green landscape, well maintained by the local council.

Located not too far from the Torquay Train Station, there are two sections of Cockington. When you first get to the main entrance, you would be arriving at the Cockington Village.

The village has a Visitor’s Information Center, gift shops, a cafe or restaurant, ice cream shop and the Drum Inn, a local pub/bar. In season, there are a lot of people that come to the village for events and some just come to picnic in the gardens.

Behind this village, there’s a big field that leads you to the grey-colored rustic building called Cockington Court. This building houses the Torbay Council’s office, a cafe and a handicraft gift-shop.

The field in front of this building would be a great picnic spot between spring and summer. There are lots of dog owners that bring their pets to play fetch and run around these gardens.

Walk up the slopes to the back of this building and you would find a rose garden. In season, there are dozens of rose species to look at. The place smells like a perfume shop in full bloom.

Next to this rose garden is another handicraft center with everything handmade by the local craftsmen. Its a great place to spend the day eating ice-cream and checking out the shops.

Torre Abbey

I would recommend you to visit Torre Abbey to learn about Torquay. Honestly, I don’t have much interest in history and museums, but I’ve learnt a lot about Torquay from my last visit to this attraction.

Who would have thought that Napoleon Bonaparte have been in Torquay before? They have proof of him being in the area before and even kept some historical evidence of it.

Click HERE for more information on opening times and latest ticket prices.

Its well worth a visit. Oh one more thing, they have a nice sea-facing lawn that you can go for a picnic! Yes, that’s a public area, its free!

Local Tips!

If you’re planning to visit Torquay town-center by car, you could park for free on the street next to Living Coast (click HERE for GPS Location) -subject to availability.

For visitors coming by Train, its closer to walk from Torre Train Station to Union Street than walking from Torquay Train Station. Use your phone’s GPS on walking-mode, you’ll find your way there.

Foodies! Put the Great British Chippy shop on your list. Its by the marina on Victoria Parade. They (probably) have the best Curry Sauce for your potato chips. Try it!

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