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video on how to Build a Sailing Kit under 20 pounds

¡Construye un Kit de Navegación por menos de 25€!

Idioma: EN | ES Cómo Construir un Kit de Navegaciónpara usarlo en un Kayak Inflable,y todo por menos de 25€ A ambos nos encanta hacer cosas al aire libre. Tener este kayak inflable nos dio la oportunidad de explorar lugares a los que no podríamos ir nadando o a pie....

video on how to Build a Sailing Kit under 20 pounds

Build an Inflatable Kayak Sailing Kit for less than £20!

Language: ES | EN How to Build a Sailing Kit to Use it in an Inflatable Kayak, and everything under £20!! We both love the outdoors, thus having this inflatable kayak gave us the opportunity to explore places we couldn’t explore swimming or walking. And to go further, I thought...

person thinking on how to plan a travel. Planificar un viaje

How To Plan a Travel

Step by Step Guide on How to Plan a Travel for Yourself Save on Travel Costs and Make your Trip more Enjoyable! Language: ES | EN Most holiday-makers usually prefer buying a travel package from a travel agent that arranges everything from flights, hotels, excursions and activities. Not everyone can...