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Paris in Video and Photos Cover

PARIS in Video and Photos

Explore PARIS with our Video & Photos English:In the end of March of 2019 we spent a few days visiting the city of Paris.Here’s a video and some photos of this trip for you to explore this beautiful city! 🙂 If you are thinking in travel to Paris, maybe you...

post Vietnam video and photos

VIETNAM in Video and Photos

Explore VIETNAM with our Video & Photos English:In October of 2017 we spent two weeks traveling around Vietnam. We started in Hanoi (country’s capital) located in the north of the Country. And we finished in Ho Chi Minh City, located in the south. Visiting other cities in our way down,...

person thinking on how to plan a travel. Planificar un viaje

How To Plan a Travel

Step by Step Guide on How to Plan a Travel for Yourself Save on Travel Costs and Make your Trip more Enjoyable! Language: ES | EN Most holiday-makers usually prefer buying a travel package from a travel agent that arranges everything from flights, hotels, excursions and activities. Not everyone can...