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Langkawi island Cover

Langkawi Island – Photos & Video Tour

Here a Video Tour & some Photosof Our last Visit to Langkawi Island English:Langkawi is one of our favourite islands in Malaysia. We have been to the island a few times to get to know it as much as possible. Here are some photos and a video tour of our...

Flight Tracker Cover

Flight Tracker

Language: ES | EN 6-Ways to Use a Flight Tracker Since 1903, the first moment humans get to fly, the technology never stop evolving into more instrumentation and technology in the aviation industry. We as the civilians (non-aviation people) could also benefit from this advancements as some of the facilities...

what to do in Paris in 3 days

Qué ver en PARÍS en 3 días, y todo ¡gratis!

Idioma: EN | ES Qué ver y qué hacer en París en un viaje de 3 días, con itinerario, consejos y mapas. Os contamos nuestro viaje a la ciudad más romántica por excelencia ¡y haciendo todo totalmente gratis! 🙂 ¡Por fin llego la hora de visitar París!. A pesar de...