Planning Your Trip Service

Would you like to go on a holiday but you don’t want to spend time planning for a trip?

person thinking about how planning a trip

If you’re worried about where to go, what to do and how to get to places, we can plan all of that for you. 

Just get your Snacks In The Backpack, and we’ll get the rest sorted for you!

Our prices to researching and planning your trip are as follows:

1-3 Days Trip : £10.00/day itinerary
4-6 Days Trip : £9.00/day itinerary
7 Days Trip : £7.50/day itinerary
Backpacking Trip (>30 Days trip) : £200.00 / 30days itinerary

All we need is the following information in the form below to get started. And when you’re done, just click SEND. Yes, you may copy and paste the form below, makes life easier. We’ll come back to you soonest possible.

About Your Trip

Trip Duration : <Date Start> to <Date Finish>

What Trip Style : <Backpacking / Shoestring Budget / Casual / Lavish / Luxurious>

Trip Purpose : <Weekend Getaway / Holiday / Gap-year / Migration>

Guest 1 : <Name, age, nationality and relationship to you>
Guest 2 : <Name, age, nationality and relationship to you>
*Add additional guests here (if any)*

Trip Start Location :
Destination 1 :
Destination 2 :
*Add additional destinations here (if any)*
Trip End Location : 

Transport Preference : <Flight / Bus / Train / Ferry / Taxi / Rental Car>

Lodging Preference : <Hostel / Motel / B&B / Hotel / Resort>

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