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Harris’ Story

Hey I’m Harris, one half of this blog and this is our story…

I was born in Penang (Malaysia) but I came from a mixed raced family background.

My mom’s Malaysian-born Chinese, her parent’s came from China on a ship back when grandma was in her 20s in late 1930-40s.

My dad’s also of a mixed-raced heritage from Indian, Pakistani and Egyptian. Yes, very diverse, I know! Haha

I came to England in November 2016 just to attend my sister’s wedding held in January 2017 and since I have some time off work after finishing my projects back in Malaysia, I took a longer-than-usual holiday.

When we first arrived, I lived at my sister’s place and I stayed in one of the rooms in the same house.

I was getting bored of staying in an unfamiliar place for too long, so I went online planning for a small adventure time.

So I googled and found a help exchange program that offers free accommodation in exchange for work, then later stumbled upon this place with good reviews and it was not too far from my sister’s place.

After sending a request to the host asking if its still available, they replied that they are in need of more helpers for the season, I was in luck! …to be continued…

Consuelo’s story

Hey there, I’m Consuelo, the other half of this blog.

I was born in Ciudad Real region of Spain, about 2-hours drive south of Madrid, right in the middle of Spain.

Everyone in my family’s from Spain and we still preserve our traditional values until today from the cultures, customs and of course, the food!

At the end of summer of 2016 after the holiday season and my job contract ended, I decided to go to England in October as I really wanted to go travelling after saving up some money since earlier that year.

I chose England for a few reasons and one of them is to learn English and also because I thought that its probably best to learn from the English people themselves.

Since I didn’t really want to use my savings to travel, I did some research on how to travel on a budget.

So, I went hunting on the internet for ways to get cheap accommodation and also looked for some part-time jobs to pay for my adventures when in the UK.

So, I too found a help exchange program where you can work part-time in exchange of free accommodation.

This hostel was located in Torquay close to the beach and hugging the coastline of the south-west where the sunny-loving Brits get their tan in summer since the 1970s.

Its a lot warmer down in the south-west than the freezing northern region of the UK.

My hometown where I grew up in have sunshine all year round, so I can’t do without sunshine and shades! So, this place called Torquay was a perfect match!

Love at first sight!

Now …this was how we first met.

Consuelo arrived in Torquay first in early Autumn 2016 and was already working as a helper for 2 weeks or so.

On a morning in November 2016, I (Harris) arrived at the door of the hostel after dragging my heavy luggage and backpack for 2 odd kilometers from the train station …panting out of breath, rang the doorbell and there she was, Consuelo answered the door 😉

Although we’ve just met for the first time, we had the attraction and exchanged greetings as she ushered me to the reception area.

I still remember the part that I was struggling to spell her name right lol.

After few months working in the hostel as co-workers, we had lots of long conversations about many things and slowly became great friends.

We later found out that we both share the same passion of traveling and that’s when we started planning for travels in the southern parts of England.

From one led to another, we got into a serious relationship and finally in Summer 2017 on one of our trips exploring small towns in Cornwall, I pulled out a ring and proposed to her at a park overlooking the sandy beaches and …she said yes!

Not too long after that, we both got married in a low-key marriage ceremony and decided to reside in the South-west of England for the moment until we have have found a new place to call home.

Since we are travel-junkies, we would like to share our experiences, some tips and tricks to traveling smarter.


Why Snacks-In-The-Backpack?

After two years of traveling together, we decided to build this blog to help others who wish to move to the UK by using our tips to do it the easy way.

We believe that when you move to a new country, it would take you some time to get settled down as every country have different ways of doing things.

The name Snacks-In-The-Backpack came from our travels with a food-bag or a backpack full of snacks to fuel our adventures.

We usually stock up on peanuts, crisps, sandwiches or bagels, fruits (Consuelo’s favorite), plum tomatoes (Harris’ favorite!) and of course, water!

We are also blogging about our travel experiences, because both of us love travelling, learn about different cultures and meet new friends.

We’ll share some of our tips and tricks that’ll make your trip cheaper, safer and overall a better experience.

We would love to hear feedback and suggestions from you sometime, write to us by clicking here!

Lots of love – Harris and Consu  😀

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