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Inflatable sailing Kayak part 4

Episode 4 : Inflatable Sailing Kayak (Upwind Runs!)

Inflatable Sailing KayakUpwind Runs This summer was probably one of my favorites, despite the COVID19 situation with lockdowns happening almost everywhere around the world. We took it positively and look on the brighter side of things that I have more time to think, redesign, improve and rebuild a better sailing...

kayak sailing kit

Episode 3: Inflatable Kayak Sailing Kit (The Build)

Languaje: ES | EN This is how we build a kayak sailing kit. After testing the sail kit, both small and over-sized main sail, over half a dozen times, I’ve discovered more room for improvements from the findings. The Balance I now understand that there are 3 major elements that...

construye kit navegación para kayak

Episode 2: Build an Inflatable Kayak Sailing Kit (Improvements)

Language: ES | EN Findings from the first sea-trial Since the last time I’ve tested the ‘Build a sailing Kayak kit under £20‘, I’ve been doing a lot of reading and researching about materials, design and function of sail boat components. It has been a fruitful one that I’ve came...

video on how to Build a Sailing Kit under 20 pounds

Build an Inflatable Kayak Sailing Kit for less than £20!

Language: ES | EN Episode 1:How to Build a Sailing Kit to Use it in an Inflatable Kayak, and everything under £20!! We both love the outdoors, thus having this inflatable kayak gave us the opportunity to explore places we couldn’t explore swimming or walking. And to go further, I...