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kayak sailing kit

Episode 3: Inflatable Kayak Sailing Kit (The Build)

Languaje: ES | EN This is how we build a kayak sailing kit. After testing the sail kit, both small and over-sized main sail, over half a dozen times, I’ve discovered more room for improvements from the findings. The Balance I now understand that there are 3 major elements that...

construye kit navegación para kayak

Episode 2: Build an Inflatable Kayak Sailing Kit (Improvements)

Language: ES | EN Findings from the first sea-trial Since the last time I’ve tested the ‘Build a sailing Kayak kit under £20‘, I’ve been doing a lot of reading and researching about materials, design and function of sail boat components. It has been a fruitful one that I’ve came...

video on how to Build a Sailing Kit under 20 pounds

Build an Inflatable Kayak Sailing Kit for less than £20!

Language: ES | EN Episode 1:How to Build a Sailing Kit to Use it in an Inflatable Kayak, and everything under £20!! We both love the outdoors, thus having this inflatable kayak gave us the opportunity to explore places we couldn’t explore swimming or walking. And to go further, I...