Episode 2: Build an Inflatable Kayak Sailing Kit (Improvements)

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2 Responses

  1. Heath says:

    Love your video. I have an intex excursion pro 2 kayak that I want to sail. You have dove very clever ideas. I was wondering, did your mast improve from the fishing rod into something more substantial? It’s the missing bit for me.

    Happy sailing

    • Harris says:

      Hi Heath, thank you for watching the video. I still have the fishing rod as my spare mass in storage. But now I have a new mast which was salvaged from another kayak’s sailing kit. Honestly, you could also use a shower curtain pole as your mast, if it’s too short, get a jointer and connect 2 pieces together so you can go taller with the sail kit. Try to scale your kayak to the height to your kayak’s length so that it’s more proportionate.
      I”m looking forward to a good sailing session once the weather warms up a little more soon.

      Speak soon!


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